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martes 21 de febrero de 2023
Zero-emission heavy duty transport: Amplus Logistic signed agreement with Volvo Trucks and Ekoenergetyka-Polska
Volvo Trucks will carry out an order from one of the companies in the AMPLUS Sp. z o. o. group, for the delivery of a brand new Volvo FM Electric. The charging of the electric fleet will be taken care of by Ekoenergetyka-Polska.
Michał Luberadzki, Ekoenergetyka; Małgorzata Kulis, VOLVO Trucks; Michał Solarz, AMPLUS Logistic; Piotr Fengler, Ekoenergetyka.
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AMPLUS Group has signed a cooperation agreement with Volvo Trucks Poland to deliver the first zero-emission truck in its fleet. The order of the electric Volvo FM continues the long-standing cooperation between Volvo Trucks and Amplus Logistic.

«The Amplus Group’s mission is to produce and distribute safe, healthy and best quality fruits and vegetables. To this end, a sustainable development strategy is being pursued, which includes lowering carbon emissions and a food print strategy. As a result, we have decided to invest not only in modern low-carbon vehicles, but also in electromobility or zero-emission vehicles», said Michał Solarz, CEO of Amplus Logistic.

«Unfortunately, we are not in a position to replace our entire fleet with electric vehicles for known reasons, while the hundred-mile journey begins with the first step – so we hope that in time this will be one of many hundreds of vehicles of this type that will drive for the Amplus Group».

The Volvo FM is designed to transport loads of up to 44 tons, and can travel up to 300 kilometers on a single charge. The electric Volvo FM can be powered either by overnight charging at the base (each truck is equipped with an AC charger) or via a high-powered fast charger on the road (DC charging).

The ability to use «fast» chargers means that the vehicle’s range can be extended by recharging the batteries, if only on a lunch break.

Currently, the main focus of electromobility is directed toward passenger and commercial road transportation. The electrification of fleets is also beginning in industries related to agriculture. High-powered products are ideal for this market.

Ekoenergetyka will supply Amplus Logistic with AXON Easy 120 kW charging stations with dual CCS connector and AC outlet, as well as proprietary EOS OCPP System software, which is a backend solution for monitoring and managing any charging station compliant with OCPP 1.6-J and OCPP 2.0.1.

Full technical documentation and support for acceptance by the Office of Technical Inspection will be prepared.

«We are pleased with the trust placed in us by AMPLUS Logistic and the partnership we have established with VOLVO Trucks. We are convinced that our joint activities will contribute to the wider development of electromobility also in the agricultural sector, which will have a direct impact on strengthening the competitiveness of Polish companies on the global market», said Piotr Fengler, Sales&Distribution Director EKOENERGETYKA-POLSKA SA.

The vehicle is scheduled to be handed over to the hands and routes of its new owner in the fourth quarter of 2023. The use of the Volvo FM Electric will contribute to the company’s strategy of providing the most environmentally friendly, consumer and environmentally safe products possible.

«We are very pleased to see the first Volvo FM Electric truck tractor in their fleet ordered by the Amplus Group. Electrified trucking is entering Polish roads step by step, and our long-time customers and our customers’ customers are opting for solutions provided by Volvo Trucks. Together we are proving that electrified heavy transport is a viable solution today. I believe this will encourage many more local customers to take the first step toward electrification with us right now. The ordered FM Electric is a result of trust built on many years of cooperation, but also a consequence of the #zero emission strategy implemented by Volvo Trucks Poland», said Małgorzata Kulis, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Polska.

At the same time, the AMPLUS Group has placed an order for 5 more Volvo FH tractors with I-Save technology – it allows for lower fuel consumption during the routes, and thus lower CO2 emissions.

All ordered vehicles will be serviced under gold service contracts, and the five newly ordered tractors will be financed under Volvo Financial Services’ factory lease.


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