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jueves 16 de septiembre de 2021
Portal Movilidad signed an agreement with the Polish Chamber to promote the electromobility in Europe and Latin America
Last Monday 13th September, an agreement was signed between Portal Movilidad and the Polish Chamber of Electromobility Development Association (PIRE) commiting to promote the electric mobility sector in Latin America and Europe.
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The letter of intention was signed between Gastón Fenés, Director of Portal Movilidad, and Krystof Burda, President of the Board of PIRE.

The goal is to establish a partnership for the promotion and sustainable development of electromobility in Latin America and Europe through the following activities:

  • Publishing reliable objective information in order to promote and disseminate electromobility;
  • Networking of entities related to the development of real electromobility;
  • Promoting activities supporting sustainable electromobility in the world;
  • Carrying out joint promotional events to popularize and implement zero-emission transport;
  • Undertaking activities aimed at education in the e-mobility sector.

“We are proud to have signed this agreement that will allow us to work together to promote electric mobility in Latin America and Europe”, commented Krystof Burda, President of the Board.

“This cooperation will create new opportunities for our members who are expanding their operations to different markets”, claimed Krystof Burda.

Likewise, Gastón Fenés, Director of Portal Movilidad, stated: «It’s very important to strengthen bonds between continents for a global electric mobility development”.

“This alliance will benefit the spreading of accurate and rigorous information about the latest news of the electric mobility sector”, added Fenés.