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jueves 17 de noviembre de 2022
PKN ORLEN to build EV charging network throughout Europe
The company aims to launch 434 electric vehicle charging stations in Germany by 2026 in addition to its current 470 facilities operated in Poland.
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PKN Orlen is expanding its service station network with a view to increasing the availability of alternative fuels in Europe. By 2026, it will have launched 434 electric vehicle charging stations in Germany.

The Orlen Group already operates 470 such facilities across Poland, and provides EV charging infrastructure at 63 locations in Germany and the Czech Republic.

“In the pursuit of our strategic objectives, we support the development of electric mobility. In doing so, we also respond to the expectations of both the market and our customers. This is why we plan to further expand our infrastructure for charging electric vehicles to ultimately have at least 1,000 such stations across Poland by the end of this decade,” said Daniel Obajtek, CEO of PKN Orlen.

The Group’s entire domestic network already comprises 470 EV charging stations across Poland. Currently, the charging stations available on the Polish market are predominantly based on low-power alternating current (AC) systems, but the Group is seeking to gain an advantage by expanding its range of direct current (DC) charging infrastructure.

“Our plans to invest in the electric mobility sector include the construction of 434 such facilities, comprising as many as 868 charging points, on the German market, where the Orlen Group’s vehicle refuelling network already comprises 600 stations,” added Obajtek.

Nearly 140 fast charging stations with a power output between 50 and 150 kW and 2 with a power output up to 50 kW are currently in operation within the Orlen Group’s Polish station network. In Germany and the Czech Republic, there are 86 fast charging stations with a power output ranging from 50 to 150 kW and 8 with a normal power output up to 50 kW.