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viernes 05 de noviembre de 2021
Opel launches Rocks-e to bring «electric mobility to everyone»
German carmaker Opel has launched an electric Sustainable Urban Mobility vehicle that aims to bridge the gap between car and scooter and can be driven by people as young as 15.
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Named the Rocks-e, the Sustainable Urban Mobility vehicle (SUM) is officially classified as a light motor vehicle.

The vehicle will be launched in Germany this autumn and can be driven by people as young as 15 with the appropriate license.

The two-seater vehicle is just 2.41 metres long and 1.39 metres wide and weighs only 471 kilograms.

«Our new Opel Rocks-e is uncompromising in every respect,» said Stephen Norman, Opel’s head of sales and marketing.

«The design is bold and pure, the dimensions are extremely compact,» he continued. «Our SUM drives purely on electricity and the price is unbeatable».

The electric car is designed as an emission-free, easy-to-park vehicle for city use. It has a range of up to 75 kilometres (46 miles), which can be covered at up to 45 kilometres per hour (28 miles per hour).

It has a 5.5-kilowatt-hour battery that can be fully recharged. To enable easy, convenient charging, a three-metre-long cable is integrated into the car.

Opel designed the Rocks-e to be efficient, but also have a strong aesthetic that aligns with its ambitions.

«The Rocks-e enables electric mobility to everyone and will attract a lot of attention in city traffic with its unusual, purist design,» added Norman.

The front of the car is distinguished with the new Opel Vizor brand face with LED headlights and indicators.

Both of the car’s doors were designed to be identical to improve production cost. This means that they swing in different directions. While the passenger doors open in the usual direction, the driver’s door is reversed and swings backward.

Inside the vehicle, the focus is on simplicity with essential information easily visible. The light and open interior is topped with a panoramic glass roof.

The vehicle has been released as part of Opel’s PACE! strategy, which will see an electrified variant of each Opel model released by 2024.