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martes 03 de mayo de 2022
Kia calls on government to «shift the focus» of its electromobility promotion strategy
Fernando León, Mobility and Experience Specialist at KIA Iberia, stresses the need for the administrations to join the manufacturers in this transition to electric vehicles.
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In recent years, vehicle manufacturers around the world have been racing against the clock to cope with the limitations imposed on combustion engines.

The efforts they have put in are a notorious reflection of the fines and demands they have placed on the sector, which is already running out of time for this technological transition.

Faced with this scenario, Fernando León, Mobility and Experience Specialist at KIA Iberia calls on the government to «change the focus» with which it is looking at this process and take a different stance.

«The problem we automobile manufacturers have today is that everything is a goal for us, and it is time to look for ways to help and not penalise», suggests the specialist.

During his participation in the 2nd Sustainable Mobility Observatory, organised by Grant Thornton, Fundación Ibercaja and Mobility City, he explained how important state assistance is in this process.

Therefore, recognising that many times «you learn faster with the stick than with the carrot», a more collaborative system should be implemented.

Moreover, this approach is not only aimed at manufacturers, but also encompasses users.

Therefore, he adds: «It is essential to continue with subsidies, as this is the greatest incentive for customers to switch to electric vehicles».

Aids such as the Moves Plan have allowed the zero- and low-emission segments of the Spanish car market to make a notable leap forward, which is why companies such as Kia are celebrating them.

Barriers to the electric car

One of the main barriers that is always highlighted for the penetration of the electric car is the charging infrastructure, but more than that «a change of mentality is needed in the customer».

What tends to weigh most heavily are the two or three trips a year that are made with the vehicle and the focus is not placed on the daily journeys that are made.

For this reason, the Kia representative also demands that the test times for this type of segment should not be half an hour, but should be able to be tested for at least a week.

This is so that they can check that they can go about their lives with their electric car in the same way as with a combustion engine.

«We have to overcome customers’ anxieties and show that this transition is easy,» he says.

For this reason, they are working with their more than 200 dealerships throughout Spain to serve as charging points.

In parallel, they have signed numerous alliances, such as with EDP, to install this type of plugs throughout Spain, imitating the model of Tesla’s superchargers.

Kia’s successes in Spain

Kia is one of the best positioned brands in the Spanish electric vehicle market.

In the first month of the year it was the favourite, while for the rest of the year it has been on the podium of the top three best sellers, always behind Tesla.

As for this last period, Telsa continues to position itself in the number one position in sales of 100% electric vehicles, although in the month of April this place was taken by Kia with 248 units sold.

Despite this, the company headed by Elon Musk has already sold 1,438 vehicles in the first four months of the year and has a 15.9% market share.

The list is followed closely by Kia. With its 100% electric models, the company has already registered 1,350 units so far in 2022.