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jueves 29 de junio de 2023
End of the Mobility Portal Summit: Key Quotes from European Leaders in Electromobility.
This Wednesday, a new event organized by Mobility Portal Group brought together the leaders of electric mobility in Europe. What were the most prominent quotes?
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On June 28th, Mobility Portal Grup brought together the leaders of electric mobility in Europe for Day 2 of the «International e-Mobility Summit 2023,» named «Charging Infrastructure Europe Day,» where they shared important quotes.

This event gathered the main charging infrastructure companies and the most important sector associations.

Prominent Quotes

Highlighted Interview

Saki Gerassis, Policy & Data Officer at the European Commission, in DG MOVE at the Sustainable & Intelligent Transport Unit

«From the Commission, we are trying to reach an agreement with the United States for the recognition of MCS. Therefore, we can state that in the future, the charging infrastructure will be based on the same technical specifications.»

Energy Management and New Strategies for the Development of Recharging Infrastructures

Lodovico Cavazza Isolani, Chief Business Development Officer at Powy

«The key is to integrate renewable energies with charging infrastructure to address energy transition and efficiency.»

Jorge Muñoz Riesco, Head of Electric Mobility Public Charging at Iberdrola

«Iberdrola has launched an advanced AI-powered assistant that organizes home energy storage and improves charger efficiency.»

Francisco Abecasis, Regional Sales Director – Southern Europe at Wallbox Chargers

«We recently announced a 150-kilowatt supernova that allows charging a vehicle in seven minutes and provides 100 kilometers of range.»

Projects 2023: New Charging Infrastructure Trends in European Cities

Juan José Figueruelo Hernández, Business Development Manager from Ingeteam

«It is necessary to have fast chargers in cities because people are too lazy to install wallboxes at home. There should be many DC chargers.»

Luis Horche, Industry Representative – EV Charging from Huawei

«We are working on an intelligent connection with batteries, chargers, and solar energy. It’s not about more power, but about efficiency.»

Guillermo López Arias, Sales Manager Iberia & LATAM from Kempower

«The electric truck market will be truly large and is yet to come; we expect a boom in this area. That’s why MCS is being developed and it comes with a large amount of power, like 1MG or more, and it will be only for quick stops for these vehicles.»

Alliances for the Deployment of Charging Infrastructure for Electric Cars

Adriano Mones Bayo, Business Development Director Spain & Latam from Phoenix Contact

«We are working with all HPC connectors for Europe and the United States. There are new power ranges in direct current (DC).»

Javier Lázaro, Regional Sales Manager Southern Europe from XCharge

«The idea is to penetrate the Nordic market, the United States, and also South America. We have plans to invest in a manufacturer there.»

Christoph Erni, CEO at Juice Technology

«To improve energy efficiency, we are working on a new solution that provides fast charging during the day and slow charging at night.»

Recharging Solutions for the Electrification of Bus Fleets

Francesco Golia, Regional Managing Director from Optibus

«What we are doing is connecting scheduling solutions to smart chargers. What’s the benefit? We are gaining visibility.»

Robert Sabartés, e-Mobility Project Manager from EVECTRA

«The important thing is to ensure safe recharging for buses to facilitate the work for operators.»

Role of Leading Associations for the Promotion of Electromobility

Philippe Vangeel, General Secretary from AVERE

«The diversity of connector types is not ideal, and I am surprised by this situation in the United States.»

Krzysztof Burda, President from PIRE

«This situation complicates things for European manufacturers when they try to introduce their charging points into the U.S. market.»

Erik Björke, Senior Manager, Road Freight Decarbonisation from Climate Group

“The current proposed CO2 regulation for sales of trucks is not as ambitious as AFIR allows it to be. In the future, this risks the necessary speed that the build-out of infrastructure needs, both from a network and a grid perspective.”