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martes 10 de mayo de 2022
In a «wink» to electric mobility La Laguna launches new incentives for charging infrastructure
The city council plans to subsidize the installation of approved charging points for electric vehicles. Find out here the details that have been issued so far.
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The administration of La Laguna has issued a new wink to the promotion of electromobility in its territory with the 90% bonus of the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) to those who decide to place approved recharging points.

The measure is currently under review, through the opening of files in the Department of Finance and Economic Affairs, which will allow the benefit to be enjoyed in a short time.

In this context, Mayor Luis Yeray Gutiérrez acknowledges that the initiative «seeks to reduce the tax burden on families in La Laguna and, in turn, to encourage the implementation of renewable energies in the territory».

Also, all this revolves around the various actions that the islands are taking to alleviate the international context that today befalls Europe, trying to give energy efficiency at the local level.

«There are several decisions taken, especially since the beginning of the health crisis, to reduce the tax burden and provide greater facilities to citizens when it comes to dealing with taxes and duties,» says the mayor in this regard.

In addition, it is stressed that this is part of a commitment made by this government team since the beginning of the mandate.

At that time the climate emergency was declared in the municipality, and since then we have been working to move towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly economic and social model.

Clean energies play a fundamental role in this objective, but the deployment of all the necessary infrastructure for their production requires investment.

Therefore, to contribute to the disbursement and thus stimulate the entry of renewables in the territory, the councilman of Finance and Economic Affairs, Alejandro Marrero, puts in value the green bonuses promoted from the area.

In this way, how novelty is known the reduction of the quota of ICIO. Through this, they will give «an incentive to individuals and entities that are committed to electric mobility».

Electric cabs

In this framework, the local government has also bet on electromobility, but in the cab sector.

Recently, subsidies have been issued for the purchase of vehicles and the installation of recharging points for exclusive use.

In this way, they aim to support the collective interested in renewing its fleet and contribute to the objective of reducing greenhouse gases.

This year’s aid will go hand in hand with that granted by the municipality to offset the loss of income during the pandemic.

In addition to this contribution will be those aimed at encouraging the renewal of the fleet, for which the implementation of recharging points for the exclusive use of cab drivers is also planned.

Within this framework, a study is being carried out to define the ideal locations for future charging facilities.

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