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jueves 31 de marzo de 2022
Bogota exceeds 1,000 electric buses and inaugurates Latin America’s largest charging station
By the end of this year, the city will have 1,485 electric buses. This will be the largest electric fleet in the world outside China. Currently, the capital has seven recharging yards for the operation of the system.
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A total of 425,000 users will benefit from the Bogotá Public Transport System’s fleet of electric buses which, in April, will reach 1,061 vehicles in operation and at the service of citizens.

«Perhaps the best way to honour the memory of our children, those who are in heaven and those who are here, is to continue working for the Bogotá they deserve. A clean, green, sustainable, inclusive Bogotá, a Bogotá that improves every day for everyone,» said Mayor Claudia López.

The mayor assures that «today the city has a new playground and 1,061 new electric buses on the road, this is an effort by the private sector in Bogota and Colombia and various international companies that are helping us to modernise our transport system in the city».

Over the next few weeks, 406 new buses will start operating. This electric fleet is made up of 271 buses, with a capacity for 50 passengers, and 135 standard vehicles, with a capacity for 80 passengers.

The entry into operation will be gradual, starting with 213 buses on Saturday 2 April and 193 on 23 April.

The announcement of the arrival of the new fleet was made by Mayor López, the Secretary of Mobility, Felipe Ramírez, and the TransMilenio Manager, Álvaro Rengifo, at the largest bus depot in Latin America, from where the modern buses will operate to improve the mobility of the inhabitants of the districts of Fontibón, Usme, Ciudad Bolívar, Usaquén, San Cristóbal, Chapinero, Teusaquillo and Kennedy.

The «Green Móvil Logistics Centre» is located in the Las Brisas neighbourhood in the district of Fontibón, has an electrical power of 20 Mega Watts and is the largest capacity of its kind for bus transport in Bogotá and Colombia.

With the entry into operation of the 406 electric buses, 6.5 tonnes of particulate matter and 17,000 tonnes of CO2 will no longer be emitted per year. Once the entire fleet of 1,485 electric buses is operating, the reduction will be 94,300 tonnes of CO2 per year. This would be equivalent to taking 42,000 private cars out of circulation in Bogotá.

The vehicles are equipped with technological elements to improve the travel experience for citizens: on-board cameras, USB ports for charging mobile phones, GPS, information panels, speakers and microphones that communicate directly with the Control Centre. As well as, accessible platforms for people with disabilities, hill start/climb assist, fast energy recharging process and automatic fire control.

«Continuing with the integration of the electric fleet into the Bogotá Transport System strengthens our purpose of improving service to our users, our raison d’être. We will be able to increase frequencies, reduce noise, improve air quality for users and the community in general. We are putting the best technology currently available on the market at the service of citizens,» says Álvaro José Rengifo, Manager of TransMilenio.

Rengifo also explains that, «in addition to the benefits for users, with the entry into operation of this new fleet, more than 1,100 formal jobs were directly generated through the concessionaire Green Móvil, in addition to the jobs generated by Marcopolo, with labour from Bogotá and Cundinamarca, to body the BYD chassis».

The 406 buses will operate on 14 routes of the zonal component of the system, of which 4 are new routes and 10 replace routes of the defunct SITP Provisional.

The first 213 electric buses, which will start operating on Saturday 2 April, will serve the following 7 routes:
– KG311: Puente Grande – Bosa San José
– KB314: Las Brisas – Codito
– KH318: Las Brisas – Uval
– KA332: Recodo – Porciúncula
– KH327: Puente Grande – Las Acacias
– KL331: Las Brisas – Nueva Delhi
– KL325: Las Brisas – Laches (El Dorado)

The 193 buses that will start their service on April 23rd, will do so with these 7 routes:
– KA308: Puente Grande – El Tuno
– KB326: Prado Grande – Unicentro
– KL312: Las Brisas – Moralba
– KA324: El Refugio – La Perseverancia
– KL329: Las Brisas – San Martin de Loba
– KL328: Puerta de Teja – Station Avenida 1 de Mayo
– KH317: Airport – Tunal Shopping Centre