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martes 15 de febrero de 2022
With new charging infrastructure Copec maintains leadership in electromobility in Chile
The company will install more than 400 electric vehicle chargers across the country, in addition to strengthening the fleet business model and entering into heavy transport charging hubs.
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Increasing electric charging infrastructure throughout the country is one of Copec’s main objectives for 2022. This was confirmed to Portal Movilidad by Francisco Larrondo, manager of Copec Voltex, who says that 2021 was a year full of achievements in terms of fleets, mining and public transport.

«Now comes a work of consolidation and expansion of all charging initiatives that we implemented in recent years. By 2022 we aim to install some 400 chargers across the country,» he says.

This year’s route also includes the construction of 10 new electro-terminals for the Metropolitan Public Transport System and the addition of 50 new supply points at service stations to Copec’s fast-charging network, covering all regions of the country.

«We were awarded 10 of the 13 electric terminals tendered for Greater Santiago. This achievement fills us with pride and motivates us to continue innovating and leading the massification of electromobility. We are the only company in Chile that offers an electric charging network of more than 1,400 kilometres», says Larrondo.

Copec will provide electric charging solutions for large mining buses and also for urban delivery trucks.

Expanding the business

Larrondo adds that Copec Voltex is already working on supplying charging for intercity trucks that travel more than 300 or 400 kilometres. There, a charging hub can cover 50% of a truck’s autonomy requirements, so we will have to implement fast charging initiatives at our service stations along the country’s main arteries».

Along these lines, they are evaluating projects that will enable these charging hubs for trucks or heavy fleets to be set up at Copec service stations.

«We are talking about the medium term, taking advantage of economies of scale in the electricity infrastructure, which will serve to increase the number of chargers with lower costs», says the executive.

Regarding the relationship with the individual customer and his or her charging point, Larrondo mentions: «The promise we made as Copec is to adapt all our services in light of technological changes and, therefore, we are willing to make these investments that will not have a return in the short term, but that allow us to learn, position and lay the foundations for a more economically sustainable model».

Finally, the manager of Copec Voltex confirms that in 2022 they will continue with the same or even more strength than last year. «We will accompany people, companies and the country in the process of transformation towards renewable energies and electromobility».