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miércoles 11 de mayo de 2022
Where are electric vehicle chargers manufactured? A mapping of Europe
In the face of the electromobility boom, curiosity is beginning to be aroused as to where and by whom the main inputs of these segments are manufactured: the plugs. Here, Portal Movilidad España details some of the main locations.
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The production and sale of electric vehicle chargers have been increasing year after year, so that companies such as Wallbox are already quoted in the stock market for millions of dollars and have ambitious growth plans, pursuing the pace of electrification of mobility.

In view of this phenomenon, Portal Movilidad España makes a mapping of where the main locations of the plants that manufacture this type of products are located.


The Spanish company, which saw its beginnings by 2015, already has a large number of plants and new projects to open new ones.

The latest major milestone was the opening of its factory for the production of chargers for electric cars in Barcelona. This is the third location of the firm and has meant an investment of about 9 million euros.

It is located in Zona Franca and currently employs 203 workers, although it is expected that when it operates at full capacity with three shifts it will employ 520 people.

Currently, the new incorporation produces around 1,200 loaders per day, an amount that the company expects to quadruple to reach one million loaders per year in 2025 in this factory alone.

It also has plans to set up another plant in the United States, particularly in Arlington, Texas.

The 12,000 m2 plant is expected to have sufficient capacity to fully support Wallbox’s expansion plans in North America over the next decade.

In addition to these two, there will be another location in Sant Andreu and a fourth in China, through a partnership with the Chinese company Changchun FAWSN.


Circontrol is a company from Viladecavalls with its own technology, where innovation is a constant challenge.

It was founded in 1997 to provide solutions in the world of mobility and charging for electric vehicles.

Currently, its main charger production plant is located in Viladecavalls (Vallès Occidental) and increased its surface from 7,000 square meters to 9,000.

It has been detailed that this is the third space that the company has built in Viladecavalls, and two more expansions are already planned until 2024.

For some time now, they have been celebrating the steady growth the company has experienced since 2010, when it focused its business on charging points.


Circutor is a company with more than 40 years of experience, not only in the development of charging solutions for electric vehicles.

It currently has 6 production centers in Europe, specifically located in Spain and the Czech Republic.

Its focus today is on the design and manufacture of units to improve energy efficiency.


ABB is another leading company in the sale and production of plugs for electric vehicles.

It recently completed work on its new $30 million plant in San Giovanni Valdarno (Italy).

It functions as an international Center of Excellence and production center for charging infrastructure and has 16,000 kilometers.

This project followed a $10 million investment in an international electric mobility headquarters and Research and Development (R&D) center located on the campus of the Technical University of Delft in Heertjeslaan (The Netherlands).

EO Charging

EO Charging, has its main headquarters in Tomo Road, UK. It was founded in 2014 and went on to be named as the fastest growing electric vehicle company in the Financial Times list of the 1000 fastest growing European companies.

It started as a project on a family farm in Creeting St Peter and is now the first UK firm of its kind to be listed on the international stock exchange.