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domingo 17 de enero de 2021
New map 2021: These are the companies dominating the electric bus market
Colombia is an electric mobility reference within the public transport system thanks to Transmilenio. Portal Movilidad contains a report of the leading companies in the sector.
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Translated byPatricia Ryan (Linkedin)

Through Transmilenio, Bogotá is the biggest electric buses fleet outside China with 1485 adjudicated units out of which 259 are circulating. The only one which “competes” is Santiago de Chile, with 776 buses and currently working to increase its fleet.

Through the first bidding processes of Transmilenio, units 6,7,8,13,17 and 18 were offered. The bidding processes were declared partially void due to lack of proposals.

6 (Fontibón III) and 17 (Fontibón V) were still running and finally were won by Estructura Plural Zonal Móvil Provisión and Estructura Plural Zonal Móvil Operación being the main investors the French corporate group, Transdev and Fanalca.

These 406 units will belong to BYD and Superpolo for extra points at the national industry.  Energy and charging infrastructure suppliers have not officially been disclosed for the time being.

Interested parties in the participation of SITP (Sistema Integrado Transporte Público – Public Transport Integrated System) renewal had a second opportunity in the processes of abbreviated selection which the administrator entity opened for the pending units.

Not only USME II but also Fontibón IV were granted to Bogotá ZE SAS with BRT Plus SAS. Perdomo II was granted to Vip Green Mobility LLC.

There, 596 units were delivered which will also belong to Chinese giant BYD, but in this case with  Busscar body. One of the main investors was Enel which kept 401 electric buses with their corresponding charging stations.

Despite lack of details, the same business group is believed to guarantee the energy supply – one of the causes the group is involved.

On the other hand, and with low profile, Vitol appeared, Swiss group considered the biggest operator in petroleum and derivatives market, as well as the biggest energy trading company worldwide. Little is known about its presence in the country and so, it is believed to be its first appearance in electro mobility in the region.

In Bogota, the first buses were the 13 buses operated by dealer Etib SAS. They belong to Yutong y Superpolo together with Terpel Voltex as energy and charging infrastructure supplier.

Later, 120 electric buses started to circulate won by Celsia as supplier, together with operator Gran Américas. For this project, the construction of the place and the charging system was in charge of Enel Codensa, and Celsia provided the energy supply and BYD buses.

Last, as from January 9, 126 units have been working operated by dealer E-Somos Fontibón.

Translated by: Patricia Ryan (Linkedin)

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Translated by: Patricia Ryan