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lunes 07 de noviembre de 2022
«Made in America»: US electric car dominates Europe
While the EU is denouncing the US for giving aid to cars only made in the US, Europeans buy American cars more than those manufactured in the continent.
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The European Commission has expressed its alarm at the plan approved by the US Senate on taxes, climate and health.

It includes subsidies of almost €7,400 for the purchase of US-made electric cars alone, considering this element to be discriminatory against European manufacturers.

But what is the state of the electric car market in Europe? Despite the European Union’s push, Tesla is the biggest seller on the continent, with Tesla in the United States.

And on the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States, the same is true. European cars are not even in the top three most chosen by Americans.

«The EU is deeply concerned about the plan, we believe it discriminates against foreign manufacturers compared to US manufacturers and is incompatible with World Trade Organisation rules,» said EU trade spokeswoman Míriam García.

In the end, however, the market is ignoring the EU’s statements. The figures for electric car registrations in Europe show the Tesla Model Y as the best-selling car of the year.

And to add to that, the Tesla Model 3 is the second best seller. Of the top 3, two brands are American. Completing the podium is the Fiat 500e, an Italian or Union brand.

But not only that, another car with the most deliveries in Europe is the Ford Kuga. Although it comes in seventh, the Americans take a large share of the European market.

What about the US? In the third quarter of 2022, electric vehicle sales continued to outpace their gasoline-powered predecessors, with a new record of more than 200,000 electric vehicles sold in three months.

Tesla remains the market leader with 64% market share.

The Ford, GM and Hyundai brands are the other leaders here, as they scale production of popular electric models such as the Mustang Mach-E , the Chevy Bolt EV and the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

US registration figures show that European vehicles are not among the top sellers.

Although he stressed that the European Union and the United States share the objective of advancing sustainable mobility because of its impact on reducing emissions and the green transition, for Brussels it is essential that the measures implemented on the other side of the Atlantic «are fair».

The US Senate approved the Inflation Reduction Act, key legislation on taxes, climate and health, with a budget of 433 billion dollars (424.172 billion euros at current exchange rates) and which includes aid for the purchase of new electric vehicles.