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lunes 14 de febrero de 2022
Competition in full swing: 15 March deadline to bid for charging infrastructure in Madrid
The Madrid City Council has launched the third call for the transfer of equipment for public charging of electric vehicles and this will remain open until 15 March. Here, all the information.
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The deadline to apply for the third edition of the administration’s initiative to provide recharging equipment with a capacity of 50 kW in direct current began on 2 February.

The points will be supplied and authorised for use by entities that own land with free access and with suitable characteristics to provide the charging service.

In this way, they will seek to test charging models in suitable locations to effectively meet current and future user demand.

The deadline for interested parties to submit applications is 15 March.

In addition, they announced that they intend to update the opening hours requirement.

In this way, those owners of establishments that are open during normal business hours, not necessarily 24 hours a day or 7 days a week, will be eligible for the assignment.

It is worth remembering that the city of Madrid has already presented this initiative twice and with this announcement they have now reached the third time.

In 2018, the first «Call for the procedure for granting authorisation for the use of charging points for electric vehicles» was published.

From that opening, the installation of 18 new fast charging stations has taken place, thanks to the signing of 5 agreements.

During the second call for this procedure, in 2020, specific agreements were signed with 8 entities to provide 37 charging stations.

They were distributed in 32 new stations located in different parts of the city.

Who will have access to them?

By means of the document signed by the Delegate of the Environment and Mobility Area, Francisco de Borja Carabante, the following entities may apply for the agreement:

1. Ownership of available land (owned or with the right of use until at least 2027) with the following characteristics:

Free access for cars and vans, for a minimum of six days a week, excluding those days when there is a national or local public holiday, for a minimum of 10 hours, from 6 a.m. to midnight, and with a space that can be used for recharging.
In an environment with security and surveillance measures,
With an electricity supply capable of allocating a minimum of 50 kW for the recharging of electric vehicles.
In the case of spaces with an access barrier, it shall be necessary to provide potential users with information on the real-time availability of charging equipment.
2. On the other hand, it must comply with the commitment and capacity to install the points for their correct operation within 5 months from the signing of the collaboration agreement.

3. In addition, they must have the capacity to develop the activity aimed at supplying electricity for recharging in accordance with current regulations.

How to carry out the procedure?

Interested parties may apply for the call for applications through the «Electronic Register» link available in the «Apply online» section.

The application must be submitted virtually within 30 working days from the day following the publication of the call for applications in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid.

Once the applications have been received and analysed, the documentation accrediting compliance with the requirements will be required prior to the resolution.