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viernes 10 de septiembre de 2021
New York governor signs bill bill banning sale of ICE vehicles after 2035
New York this week become the second US state to ban cars and light duty trucks with internal combustion engines by 2035.
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New York Governor Kathy Hochul has signed legislation banning the sale of passenger cars and light duty trucks with infernal combustion engines by 2035.

The new law makes New York the second US state to ban conventional cars and trucks, after California did so a year ago. The legislation also seeks to eliminate emissions from medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by 2045 and requires the state government to create of a detailed plan for zero emissions vehicle development by 2023.

According to The Hill, Hochul also signed an order instructing the state Department of Environmental Conservation to develop a regulation cutting the pollution emitted by trucks. While Hochul’s office did not release details of the proposed regulation, it projected it would “accelerate” sales of zero emission trucks.

“New York is implementing the nation’s most aggressive plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions affecting our climate and to reach our ambitious goals, we must reduce emissions from the transportation sector, currently the largest source of the state’s climate pollution,” Hochul said in a statement Wednesday. “The new law and regulation mark a critical milestone in our efforts and will further advance the transition to clean electric vehicles, while helping to reduce emissions in communities that have been overburdened by pollution from cars and trucks for decades.”

“When adopted, this new regulation will require an increasing percentage of all new trucks sold in New York to be zero-emissions vehicles beginning with the 2025 model year, cementing our state as a national leader on actions to address climate change while spurring economic opportunities and helping to reduce air pollution,” said DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos.

The action by the governor follows closely after the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida just a few weeks ago. In the flooding that followed, several people drowned in basement apartments in New York City and in automobiles trapped in the rising waters. That storm reinforced that the climate is changing and measures must be taken now to aggressively reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It’s not a matter of politics; it’s a matter of survival.

New York Joins The Global Club

Norway 2025 New vehicles
South Korea 2025 New vehicles
Belgium 2026 New company vehicles
Austria 2027 New taxis or car shares
Washington 2027 Government fleet
Slovenia 2030 New vehicles
Iceland 2030 New vehicles
Netherlands 2030 New vehicles
Denmark 2030 New vehicles
Ireland 2030 New vehicles
Israel 2030 New vehicles
Sweden 2030 New vehicles
India 2030 New vehicles
Germany 2030 New vehicles
United Kingdom 2030 New vehicles
Scotland 2032 New vehicles
Japan 2035 New vehicles
California 2035 New vehicles
China 2040 New vehicles
Singapore 2040 New vehicles
Sir Lanka 2040 New vehicles
Taiwan 2040 Bus (2030), motorcycle (2035), cars (2040)
Canada 2040 New vehicles
France 2040 New vehicles
Spain 2040 New vehicles
Portugal 2040 New vehicles
Egypt 2040 New vehicles
New Jersey 2040 New vehicles
District of Columbia 2045 Government and private fleet
Costa Rica 2050 New vehicles
Colorado 2050 New vehicles