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lunes 25 de octubre de 2021
First Irizar e-mobility electric buses unveiled in the city of Burgas in Bulgaria
The headquarters of the operator BurgasBus was the site of the public presentation of the zero emissions buses that are being put into operation in Burgas. It is the first electromobility project in the city of Bulgaria. Two innovative latest-generation zero-emission buses from Irizar e-mobility were in their very best suits for the presentation.
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On Wednesday 20th of October, the headquarters of the operator BurgasBus was the site of the public presentation of the zero emissions buses and their charging infrastructure, that are put into operation in the city of Burgas, its first electromobility project.

The event was attended by the esteemed Mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov, Alejandro Polanco, Ambassador of Spain in Bulgaria, Roberto Ruiz, Economic and Trade Conselor of ICEX and other representatives and authorities, in front of a large audience of expectant citizens.

The two 12 and 18 metre recently delivered electric vehicles that were displayed, sported the blue colour and the features defined by the operator, which identify the city.

It is worth remembering that for this first electromobility project of the city, the operator, BurgasBus, awarded thirty-four 12 metre units and ten 18 metre units, in addition to 44 interoperable ECI-100 chargers from Jema Energy (an Irizar Group company).

The zero emission Irizar buses will join the fleet of BurgasBus operator and in addition to providing the environmental benefits of zero CO2 emissions and low noise levels, they stand out for their modern and attractive design, since the operator decided to incorporate some aesthetic features of the Irizar ie tram, generating a distinctive vehicle that maximises comfort, accessibility and safety.

These vehicles are equipped with PRM and wheelchair solutions to facilitate accessibility and to allow fluid circulation in the interior.

The interior design of the buses is distinguished because of its innovative equipment and a range of amenities and choices to enhance the passenger compartment space, providing a feeling of openness and brightness that ensure a great travel experience for both passengers and driver, such as the glazed side panels.

Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria. The strong commitment they’re making to electrify their fleet of buses will be a large step forward for the city and it will connect destinations and visitors in a cleaner and more efficient way.

“It is an honor for Irizar to be at this first electromobility project inauguration. A commitment to the energy transition and sustainability, and the reduction of CO2 emissions and low noise levels that has been led by the Mayor’s Office, and the Burgas public transport company. We are very proud of the opportunity to be for the first time in Bulgaria with our own technology made in Europe and in this wonderful city of Burgas with this innovative and emblematic project. Burgas thus joins Paris, London, Schaffhausen, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and a long list of cities with Irizar group electromobility turnkey solutions” estates Imanol Rego, General Director of Irizar e-mobility.


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