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miércoles 04 de agosto de 2021
EVBox’s public EV charging stations receive colorful makeover to showcase the diversity within the Dutch LGBTQ+ community
EVBox Group is supporting Dutch Pride week, July 31 - August 8, by temporarily restyling public charging stations, not only in Amsterdam but also in other Dutch cities. All the proceeds collected from those chargers during Pride week will be donated to Dutch LGBTQ+ association, COC.
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For the fourth year in a row, EVBox Group and Vattenfall are supporting the COC by covering public EV chargers with colorful PRIDE stickers in Amsterdam. This year, the partnership is taking this initiative a step further by transforming charging stations in other Dutch cities as well, namely Breda, Limburg, Maastricht, and Den Bosch.

EVBox Group and Vattenfall will show support to the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community by redesigning public charging stations with the 13 different flags representing each minority within it.

During the Dutch Pride Week (July 31 – August 8), all revenue generated from 170 stickered stations across Amsterdam, Breda, Den Bosch, Maastricht and Limburg will be donated to the Dutch LGBTQ+ association, COC.

Take Pride in us

This year’s theme for the 25th anniversary of Amsterdam Pride is “TAKE PRIDE in us”.

EVBox and Vattenfall are delighted to be able to raise money once again for the COC association. The theme “TAKE PRIDE in us” aims to raise awareness that it’s still necessary to work towards an inclusive Dutch society. This year, the various designs of the stickers, namely represent the different groups within the LGBTQ+ community: transgender flag, intersex flag, genderqueer flag, non-binary flag, agender flag, bisexual flag, pansexual flag, genderfluid flag, lesbian flag, aromantic flag, asexual flag, traditional pride flag, and progressive pride flag.

Due to the current uncertainty due to the pandemic, the big festive celebration for Amsterdam Pride’s 25th anniversary is postponed until 2022. However, many small activities will take place and the Pride Walk will return on Saturday, August 7th at the RAI, Amsterdam.