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jueves 14 de enero de 2021
Different opinions and proposals from companies to standardize electric vehicles chargers in Colombia
The day before deadline set by Ministry of Mines and Energy from Colombia to observe the project of resolution which states the standardization of the charging infrastructure of the country, companies of the sector met to disclose their positions and concerns.
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Translated byPatricia Ryan (Linkedin)

On December 29th the Government, through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, published the project of resolution by which “minimum conditions of standardization and market are set for the implementation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Colombia” and called citizens and companies to make observations until January 13.

Yesterday, relevant companies such as manufacturers, importers and businessmen of electric vehicles, energy distributors, components suppliers and leaders from chargers and charging infrastructure sector met to give their opinions, concerns and suggestions.

Such meeting was appointed by Asociación Nacional de Movilidad Sostenible (ANDEMOS – Sustainable Mobility National Association) through its Chamber of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in order to discuss and go ahead towards standardization.

According to Portal Movilidad research, the measure of Government was well accepted by the sector; however, the most relevant opinion is that one from vehicles suppliers which are the ones who can or cannot supply the vehicles according to the standard of connection.

By the time being, there is agreement on two points: the standardization need and the opening of discussions together with authorities to get the transition in due time.

Among the concerns, it appears Article 5 which sates:

«The charging stations and chargers  for public charging of type 2 (semi-high) and 3 (high)   plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles, defined in item 20.7 of RETIE, shall hold at least a Type 2 connector, according to IEC 62196. Likewise, type 4 charging stations and chargers, defined in item 20.7 of RETIE, shall hold at least a CCS Type 2 connector, according to IEC 62196».

Regarding the companies related to the charging infrastructure, they believe it is necessary to reach an agreement on the connector type as soon as possible, preferring international standards.

Manufactures and importers of electric vehicles are concerned on the election type 2/CCS2 to be the right one. It is mentioned that, even though it is only one minimum standard for public chargers, it would not be the most convenient since the net requires adaptations through low-low transformers to obtain the level of European voltage.

Besides, most of the brands prevailing at the Colombian market do not use the European standard, being the less available at charging stations.

Therefore, it is being analysed to propose National Government also to include type 1connector at least for a 5 year period.

Now, it is time to wait for authorities to analyse the comments submitted by companies and accept to participate in meetings to reach agreements, since authorities have not attended this time.

Translated by: Patricia Ryan (Linkedin)

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Translated by: Patricia Ryan