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martes 31 de agosto de 2021
Dance launches its full service in Berlin, unveiling its first generation Ebike
Members of Dance’s premium offering can experience the benefits of ebikes without the investment of ownership.
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Dance, the premium ebike subscription service, today announced the launch of its fleet and full-service concierge. The company is also introducing the Dance One, its first generation ebike: a sleek, seamless and sustainable way to explore Berlin.

“As Dance approaches a full year of testing hardware, software and service components, I’m thrilled to launch our full offering so more Berlin residents can experience the joy of riding an ebike alongside our community,” said Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, CEO of Dance. “What sets Dance apart is our premium product, which includes both our design-forward ebike and an on-demand repair and concierge service. By making it more convenient for Berliners to choose an active commute, together we’re creating a healthier, greener and more livable city,” he added.

Even in a limited pilot, the team has already hosted tens of thousands of rides from hundreds of riders, half of which use their ebike weekly. They are discovering what research has confirmed: ebike usage gives people opportunities for gentle exercise, improves mental health, increases neighborhood social connection and provides quieter and more “restorative” local environments. And, there is environmental benefit too: research shows urban residents who switched from driving to cycling for just one trip per day reduced their carbon footprint by about half a ton of carbon dioxide over the course of a year.

“Dance’s offering is compelling to the conscious consumer who is looking for a more active, mindful and beautiful way to travel,” said Caterina Kiehntopf, Dance’s new general manager of Germany. “By launching formally in Berlin after a year of testing and improving, I’m looking forward to Dance bringing our service to my hometown of Berlin, and later on, more cities within Germany. The ebike’s distinctive color and design, easy-to-use app and service, paired with flexible membership options, are ideal for people looking to make their lifestyle more sustainable and active – and could encourage adoption of greener, more active transportation worldwide,” Kiehntopf said.

The company will begin rolling out thousands of ebikes in the coming weeks, and will scale more models and bikes as the community grows in Berlin and in other cities in the near future. Notable features include:

  • Built for ease: The Dance One ebike is a custom aluminum diamond frame ebike, with a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. The removable battery is integrated with the frame and can last up to 55 km on a full charge.
  • Safety first: Hydraulic disc brakes, carbon belt and puncture-resistant tires help members ride through all conditions. Front and rear light and reflective sidewall stripes on the tires provide visibility. The ebike comes with an integrated Bluetooth lock that can be opened with a member’s mobile phone.
  • On-demand service: Members can arrange for personal delivery, repairs and maintenance within the S-Bahn Ring within 24 hours (except Sunday), with Dance’s RepairNow service, accessible via the Dance app. Dance’s team of mechanics and ebike experts come to members to make a smooth ride easy.