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viernes 29 de enero de 2021
Key points of new bill pushing-up the electric vehicles initiative in Dominican Republic
The renewal of the legal framework is expected to be the necessary jump the Caribbean country needs to follow its development in clean energies.
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Translated by: Patricia Ryan (Linkedin)

Sustainable mobility is present topic for Dominican government agenda. It has been months since the government is working on a regulatory framework to encourage the use of 100%  electric engine vehicles, through the modification of two laws: 113-13 and 57-07.

The bet of the Government has been so strong that it is impossible to follow with the old regulation. 2021 has been expected with strong support for the environment, which has been long time waiting for an immediate change.

In fact, this has been an agreement point en the Special report on electric mobility organized by Portal Movilidad in the Caribbean nation by the end of last year, where leaders of the sector exposed their arguments.

Michelle Abreu Vargas, director of OMG Infrastructure and Energy Regulator , has said: “There are topics to regulate:  an accessible fee for users, the import management of electric vehicles more expedite and the charging stations”.

Based on urgencies, the bill has two main axes: import requirements, initiatives for the energy and biofuel premises and tax incentives  on electric engine vehicles.

Regarding imports, a series of exigencies to vehicle importers are set which include to provide information about configurations, internal systems and energy sources of transport.

Likewise, with the purpose of supporting the use of electric vehicles in the domestic market, it is stated that “all payers, when transferring the vehicles to 100% electric engine, will pay 9% rate ITBIS, as from the date of the bill enforcement.”

Moreover, according to the document, all projects of public, private, corporative and/or fundraising of energy biofuel production will receive incentives, previously showing its physical, technical, environmental and financing viability”.

As from this bill, Dominican Republic looks for a step ahead in the promotion of clean energies, not only for public sector but for private sector as well in order “to avoid and protect  the environment for present and future generations”

Translated by: Patricia Ryan (Linkedin)

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Translated by: Patricia Ryan