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jueves 27 de abril de 2023
Scania brings an electric element to car tansporting
German logistics company ARS Altmann has partnered with Scania to move cars with an electric truck
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European truck maker Scania has reached a new milestone with an addition to its all-electric line up in the P 25 standard car transporter, with German logistics company ARS Altmann Automobillogistik has been putting the truck to the test.

Scania says the new 230 kWh P 25 battery-electric vehicle is being used by ARS Altmann in distribution transport and that it has been combined with a body and trailer by German manufacturer Kässbohrer that enables simple, safe and quick loading and unloading of the cars.

«Up to eight cars can be transported with this truck, without being too long or too tall. With a total combination weight of up to 42 tonnes (the maximum allowed in Germany), the electric Scania can be fully charged in less than 90 minutes at a maximum of 130 kW (CCS 2),» Scania electric mobility product manager Thiemo Freyer says.

When the cars are transported from production to storage, the truck battery can be charged to 100 per cent during the unloading and loading process at the destination. The next tour can then start again with full battery capacity.

Scania says ARS Altmann is an ideal customer for its electric truck. Like Scania, it has an extensive and ambitious corporate sustainability strategy.

«As part of ARS Altmann’s eco-strategy, our major goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2030,» ARS Altmann chief operating officer Wolfgang Ketterle says.

With 650 special trucks transporting cars of all kinds on a daily basis, the company wants to diversify its transport fleet towards vehicles that run on renewable energy, as well as exploring other associated aspects such as charging solutions and power, which are elements of the three pillars of the company’s strategy: road, rail and bases.

Long-distance transports more than 300 kilometres are implemented in the ‘ARS ecosystem’ on the company’s own railway wagons, while a large photovoltaic project includes the roofing of the company premises with carports, generating enough electricity for the operation of several fleets of electric trucks.

A mobile storage concept, which is also fed from these systems, enables the flexible use of e-trucks at different locations, even if the public infrastructure is not sufficiently developed.

«Scania has been a good partner for a long time. With this new e-truck experience, we are continuing our previous collaboration. Working together on this pilot project intensifies our relationship,» ARS Altmann sales director Alberto Picco says.

The new P 25 has already been driven by some of the logistics company’s regular drivers – with favourable reactions.

Manfred Rakoczi, one of the first drivers of the new truck, says it’s a very pleasant experience.

«The first impressions of the truck are tremendous! The handling is very good and compared to the diesel it is lively,» Rakoczi says.

ARS Altmann’s purchase of the Scania P 25 was supported by a grant from a €188,000 joint pilot project that is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport, as part of the directive on the promotion of light and heavy commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drives and the associated tank and charging infrastructure (KsNI).