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viernes 23 de junio de 2023
Online Download: Mobility Portal publishes report about electric mobility in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru.
Mobility Portal Group releases the first market intelligence document for Latin America and the Caribbean. This edition focuses on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Here are the details for free download.
Mobility Portal presents the first edition of the Electric Mobility Report in Latin America and the Caribbean. Download available.
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In the face of the expanding sustainable mobility scenario, a multidisciplinary team from Grupo Portal Movilidad embarked on the task of studying and sharing valuable information for stakeholders in the transportation sector.

This Electric Mobility Report in Latin America and the Caribbean is an exclusive market intelligence document aimed at providing a detailed analysis of the current state of the sector, involving private entities, public institutions, and international organizations.

The countries covered in this edition are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. The latest figures, investment announcements, trends, news, developments, and more – all in a single document available in English and Spanish for free download.

To accomplish this, a compilation and investigation of relevant statistical data have been carried out, drawing from various reliable sources, including governments, associations, companies, and nonprofit organizations.

And pay attention! The second edition, featuring more countries and companies under scrutiny, will be published soon.

It is worth mentioning that this comes after a transformative year in the global automotive industry in 2022. Electric vehicle sales increased by approximately 60%, reaching a milestone of the first 10 million environmentally friendly units sold.

In the race towards decarbonization and technological advancement in transportation, China stands as one of the main competitors, having sold over 7.5 million units in just 12 months.

While the figures for electric and hybrid vehicles in Latin America and the Caribbean are still modest, it is worth highlighting that electric public transportation is making steady progress.

It is no coincidence that Santiago de Chile and Bogotá are competing for the second-largest fleet of electric buses in the world, following the undisputed leader, China.

It is also not surprising that Mexico and Brazil are the first two countries in the region to have electric vehicle production with investments from major automakers.

Similarly, despite unfavorable political contexts, Argentina has become a hub for electric mobility startups, and Peru continues to increase its unit sales.

This is the first chapter, featuring some stories from South America.

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