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martes 23 de mayo de 2023
Fuso commences production of Next-Gen eCanter in Europe
According to Daimler Truck’s announcement, the Mitsubishi Fuso Europe (MFTE) facility has produced over 250,000 Fuso Canter trucks since 1980.
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Fuso, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks, has begun production of the new eCanter in Europe. The latest generation of fully electric light trucks, unveiled in September 2022, is now being manufactured at the production plant in Tramagal, Portugal.

According to Daimler Truck’s announcement, the Mitsubishi Fuso Europe facility has produced over 250,000 Fuso Canter trucks since 1980. It will now also manufacture the Next Generation eCanter, launched last autumn.

The vehicle is available in 42 variations, featuring six wheelbases and a total weight ranging from 4.25 to 8.55 tonnes. Previously, the eCanter, introduced in 2017, was only available as a 7.49-tonne truck with a wheelbase of 3.40 meters.

The Next Generation eCanter is powered by a 110 kW or 129 kW electric motor, depending on the weight, with an optimized driveline and 430 Nm of torque; the maximum speed is 89 km/h (electronically limited).

Over 550 of these vehicles are currently in the hands of customers. Daimler Trucks has expanded its range to meet requirements better, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction.

The latest eCanter (5th generation) production began in Kawasaki, Japan, in the first quarter, catering to the Japanese market and other non-European markets.

The European value chain goes beyond vehicle assembly in Tramagal. Over 50% of the components of the electric truck are sourced from more than 90 European suppliers.

The Fuso eCanter, now manufactured in Tramagal, made it “easy” for customers to transition to e-mobility, said Karl Deppen, CEO of Daimler Truck Asia, under which the Japanese subsidiary Fuso officially operates.

“With this, we are taking an important step closer to CO2-neutral transportation.”

Initially, the sales of the Fuso eCanter from Portugal will begin in 17 European markets, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Greece, and Poland.

MFTE employs around 500 people in Portugal. Since the end of 2022, the production in Tramagal has been carbon-neutral, as Daimler Truck highlights.

The utilization of renewable energy has significantly increased, and the company plans to expand its photovoltaic system from 350 to 600 MW.

A new water treatment plant has been installed, which treats and recycles 60% of the process water for reuse in the production cycle.


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