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miércoles 27 de enero de 2021
Electric and hybrid brands growing and others disappearing in Argentina
Data from ACARA (Car Agencies Argentina Republic) shows 53.9% growth in 2020 regarding previous year. There were successful companies and others not. Who controls the market?
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Translated by: Patricia Ryan (Linkedin)

Although Covid-19 pandemic had a strong impact in most of the productive sectors of the country, the electric and hybrid cars were benefitted with higher increase regarding 2019, with a peak in June.

Toyota led the increase with its hybrid model Corolla with 884 number plates and a variation regarding previous year of 3743.5%. However, it was not the same with its model Rav4, with 32.2% fall in comparison, as well as its  model Prius, with 66,7% fall.

On the contrary, Mercedes Benz had a strong setback. Its hybrid model GLC 350 had just one number plate in January; therefore, falling 96% in comparing previous year. Somewhat similar occurred with model GS450H, Lexus, with 4 number plates fell 75%.

Mid-year was the best season. June and July had the highest number of plates, though the highest number was in the sixth month of the year, with a peak of 381, 16% of the total.

Pure electric models are minority in the market. There are only 5 of them: Renault Kangoo ZE; Nissan Leaf; Sero Electric Sedan and Cargo Alto; Jac IEV7S. This means that among all (24), this type of vehicles represent only 20% of the offer; while the rest is composed by hybrids.

The first group rose to 39 among all models. Kangoo led the group with 19. However, it meant 36.7 annual fall. On the contrary, Sero Electric, with 4 number plates, doubled 2019.  Jac, with IEV7S, could achieve only 1, just at the beginning of the year.

For hybrids, there were 2344 number plates in total. Apart from Toyota, it is important to mention the increase in Lexus, specially its model RX 450H, and Hyundai, with IONICBoth companies have increased 800% and 500% respectively.

Even though figures have not been positive for all companies and models, these percentages excite a growing sector. Good expectations are coming for 2021, especially among pure electric vehicles which still have a long way to surpass hybrids.

Data from ACARA (Car Agencies Argentina Republic)

Translated by: Patricia Ryan (Linkedin)

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Translated by: Patricia Ryan