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miércoles 31 de mayo de 2023
E.On expands Alpitronic partnership for fast charging
Specifically, E.On says its order includes the latest generation of Alpitronic hardware with charging power ranging from 50 to 400 kW.
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E.On is building out its cooperation with Alpitronic. The German energy group ordered another 4,500 fast charging stations from Alpitronic, and the partners want to work more closely together in customer services and look into megawatt charging.

Specifically, E.On says its order includes the latest generation of Alpitronic hardware with charging power ranging from 50 to 400 kW. The companies did not deliver a breakdown of the total order but expect the charging stations to cover a wide range of use cases, from charging at the workplace or while shopping to ultrafast charging on the motorway and megawatt charging for heavy commercial vehicles. Delivery shall be complete by 2025 as E.On needs the stations to fulfil customer projects and for public charging by then.

In addition to expanding the charging infrastructure, E.ON and alpitronic want further to improve the customer experience at the charging station. The focus here is on “technically optimizing” the interactions between vehicles and charging stations – basically a play on Plug&Charge. All new charging stations will also offer ad-hoc charging via credit, debit or Giro card and thus meet the new charging station ordinance (LSV) requirements in Germany and other markets.

The statement also mentions charging solutions for heavy commercial vehicles and future megawatt charging with a target to establish pilot sites at “various European locations” by 2024. E.On days it was securing capacities from upcoming alpitronic production lines at an early stage to cater to truck customers.

The partners have yet to disclose specific projects, markets, and clients for the rollout.

However, the targets build on the existing E.On and alpitroniq cooperation. The energy group ordered 2,000 ultra-rapid charging stations in August 2022. These will form a network across Europe by the end of 2024. By 2026, E.On plans to own 5,000 new high-power charge points, expand existing locations, and construct new hubs for public charging.

Philipp Senoner, CEO and co-founder of alpitronic, the partnership with E.On had grown over the years. “As specialists in power electronics, our hypercharger product line provides the reliable, efficient, forward-looking solution for our partner E.ON in expanding the charging infrastructure throughout Europe.”

The company, headquartered in Bolzano, Italy, is renowned for its fast-charging solutions. E.On will, for example, deploy the alpitronic Hypercharger HYC150 (with 1x 150 kW or 2x 75 kW) and the Hypercharger HYC300. The new HYC400, with outputs of up to 400 kW, and the HYC50, the first wall-mountable 50 kW charger, will also be available to E.On customers in the future.

Patrick Lammers, a member of the E.ON Board of Management responsible for the customer solutions business, said the company’s long-standing and successful partnership with alpitronic was a central element to catering to private and corporate clients. “It enables us to further promote the expansion of the European charging infrastructure and thus ensure more climate protection in transport.”