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jueves 21 de enero de 2021
Copec and Kaufmann ´s good expectations for electric buses bidding process in Santiago
The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications and the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Public Transport shall have 1 month term or short time more to answer consults made by interested parties regarding the bidding process for Electric Buses Supply. What do interested parties consult?
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Translated byPatricia Ryan (Linkedin)

While waiting for Contraloría (Chilean Control Entity) to pass opinion on resolution regarding BiddingProcess of Buses Supply Complementary Service N° LP SB001/2019, its complementary bidding process – Public Bidding Process for Operation of vehicles Nº LP CUV001/2019  –  is at a new instance.

According to calendar stipulated by Ministry of Transports and Telecommunications and Board of Directors of Metropolitan Public Transport, there was an open window for consults related to the process up to January 14th.

Now, it´s time for organisms in charge of the process to evaluate – a little bit more than a month – up to next February 25th to disclose the answers to each of the consults made by the interested parties.

As reported by Portal Movilidad,  Bidders were 42  among which there are not only potential operators, but also energy companies, foundations and bus suppliers and so on.

Some of these bidders disclosed to Portal Movilidad   some conclusions and points in which they have some questions to ask which were made in the corresponding period.

On one hand, Francisco Larrondo, Copec Voltex  General Manager pointed out: “If we buy the bidding terms  we are really interested in participating and we made a bunch of questions focussed on clarification  of the lease mechanism and maintenance of the charging infrastructure”.

“Should scheme be based on previous supply agreements in existence, we are pleased with our participation as supplier of charging infrastructure and energy”, Larrondo added.

It is important to mention that Copec Voltex role in the bidding process is as company pretending to participate in the complete integral solution regarding power supply, charging infrastructure, charging management software and fleet control, among other issues to consider.

On the other hand, other party actively participating is Comercial Kaufmann S.A.  which submitted offers as supplier of buses in the complementary bidding process through  pools K1, K2  and K4.

After deep analysis of the process, Cristian Contreras, Electro-mobility manager of Grupo Kaufmann mentioned: “To tell you the truth, both bidding process were quite related”.

However, the company also made couple of questions. “Questions are minimum so it would be positive to give more details”, Contreras pointed out.

Considering the quantity of interested parties, for sure there are several different type questions according to the participation interest of each one in the process.

Translated by: Patricia Ryan (Linkedin)

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Translated by: Patricia Ryan