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miércoles 19 de julio de 2023
Atlante to build 87 HPCs on French motorways
The fast-charging provider Atlante, linked to the Stellantis automotive group, will set up 87 HPC charging points in France.
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The fast-charging provider Atlante, linked to the Stellantis automotive group, will set up 87 HPC charging points in France.

Specifically, it will install them at four Vinci Autoroutes service stations. All chargers have a power output of up to 150 kW.

The locations are Chavanon on the A89 (25 HPC charging points), Saint-Léger Ouest and Meillac on the A10 (24 and 15 HPC charging points, respectively) and Marguerittes Sud on the A9 (23 HPC charging points).

The figures mentioned refer exclusively to the CCS charging points with 150 kW.

However, each location will “feature a universal charging point with three connectors” – so CHAdeMO charging points with 50 kW power and Type 2 connections for AC charging. Chavanon, Saint-Léger Ouest, and Marguerittes Sud will each have five CHAdeMO and Type 2 connections.

In Meillac, there will be four. Whether these will be separate charging points or whether some CCS points will be equipped with CHAdeMO cables and Type 2 sockets is unclear from the press release.

Several payment options will be available for charging. It will be possible to pay by credit card (ad hoc prices have yet to be communicated), and it is possible to use charging cards from all Gireve roaming partners connected.

To limit the “limit construction impact on the existing environment […], the sites will be covered with draining paving stones to limit soil sealing.” And “Atlante will carry out a carbon assessment for each project.

The French Ministry of Ecological Transition will fund Atlante’s construction of the charging stations through the “France Relance” programme, but the exact sum is not mentioned.

“We are particularly pleased and proud to have been chosen by Vinci Autoroutes after a highly competitive tender to equip these four service areas,” says Jacques Galvani, CEO of Atlante France.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate Atlante’s know-how. We look forward to continuing to develop this partnership.”

“With the arrival of Atlante’s charging stations, we are continuing to deploy a diversified and scalable range of ultra-fast charging services to support the development of long-distance e-mobility,” says Raphaël Ventre, Director of Marketing and Services at Vinci Autoroutes.

Ionity opened another large charging park at a motorway company facility just last week.

Atlante is a joint venture between Stellantis, NHOA Group and Free2move eSolutions, which is itself a joint venture between Stellantis and NHOA.

Unveiled at the end of 2021, Atlante’s project to build DC chargers in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal is part of Stellantis’ planned European charging network, which by 2025 will include more than 15,000 sites with a total of two million pitches and be open to the public.

Atlante set up its first fast chargers in Italy in February.